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English and German language courses by means of multimedia!

The English and German languages courses is one of the most popular programmes. This program is presented through spectacular characters. Due to the new numerous technical solutions the languages can be learned easier and quicklier. The spectacular drawings which accompany the texts make them to be understood more easily. We recommend them especially for children but they can be used for adults too.
Our computers are endowed with multimedia means which means that they can "speak". They have ear-phones and microphones. The system can read the original English or German text. It is very useful the fact that we can record our voice and we can then compare it with the genuine pronunciation, thus, our pronunciation will be improved.
The programme includes grammar knowledge, too , and four possibilities of testing giving the opportunity to estimate the knowledge of the student. The test are of the following type: gap-filling, listening practice (to type correctly the heard words), true and false statements (on the basis of some pictures ), multiple-choice (to finish a sentence being given three choices and only one being correct).
The language programmes include also cross-word puzzles with the help of which we can excellently practise on our vocabulary.
The programme has a speaking dictionary which comprises the words and phrases required for the course. The dictionary can be used in two directions: foreign language - Hungarian and Hungarian - foreign language. It does not only translate the word but it even gives its pronunciation.
The program for beginners does not require any knowledge of the language. The second series of courses need an elementary knowledge for those who want to attend the intermediate course , and those who finished this course can attend the third series of courses for advanced. The elementary and intermediate courses include 25 English or 25 German lessons while the advanced course includes 15 English or 15 German classes.
The students get the printed version of the lesson in English or German and its Hungarian translation. Thus, they can learn at home the lessons, which means that they come to the course with learned lesson , so the work with the computer can be explored maximally.
You don't need a previous course in using the computer. Each student practises separately on a computer alone!
For registration the identity card is required.
Courses : on Tuesday and Friday 7 - 9 a.m. The duration of the course 40 hours.

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