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The Prices of Calendars with Firm Name

2 colour3 colour4 colour5 colour6 colour7 colour 8 colour
1000 pieces0,04300,04990,05610,06170,06670,07110,0749
500 pieces0,05210,06020,06750,07420,08020,08540,0900
300 pieces0,06640,07650,08580,09430,10190,10880,1148

  • The size of the headed calendars: 7x10 cm

The Prices of Headed Envelopes

1 colour2 colour3 colour4 colour5 colour6 colour7 colour8 colour
500 pieces0,03540,04410,05210,05940,06600,07200,07730,0819
300 pieces0,04420,05510,06530,07470,08330,09110,09810,1043
100 pieces0,08560,10750,12800,14710,16480,18110,19610,2096

  • The above mentioned prices don't include the price of the envelope.
  • The above mentioned prices go for envelopes of 11x16,3 cm size; we also print on envelops which differ in size.

The Prices of Stickers

10 cm2 (5x2)20 cm2 (10x2)30 cm2 (10x3)40 cm2 (10x4)50 cm2 (10x5)100 cm2 (10x10)150 cm2 (15x10)200 cm2 (20x10)
1000 pieces0,02180,03080,03980,04880,05780,10280,14770,1927
500 pieces0,02660,03600,04540,05480,06420,11110,15800,2049
300 pieces0,03420,04440,05450,06460,07470,12530,17590,2265
100 pieces0,07130,08330,09530,10730,11930,17940,23940,2995

  • The above mentioned prices go for printing in one colour.
  • You may order printing in several colours and in different sizes.

The prices of Wedding Cards

1 colour2 colour3 colour
300 pieces0,0402330,0512420,061459
250 pieces0,0438560,056170,067632
200 pieces0,0488390,0629920,0762
150 pieces0,0565460,0736010,089557
100 pieces0,071060,0936770,114889

The prices of the making of the screen

  • Small screen (printing surface: 21 x 14.5 cm): 8.774974 $
  • Screen of a medium size (printing surface: 21 x 29.7 cm): 11.69997 $
  • Big screen (printing surface:40 x 50 cm):14.62496 $
  • We charge expenses for making the screen only on unique printing.
The above prices contain:
  • the designing
  • the price of the making of the screen
  • emblem (logo) after a designed pattern
  • printing
  • cutting up

Extra charges

  • emblem (logo) designing
  • embossing + 100%
  • lacquering +15%


  • The above mentioned number of pieces are valid for identical screen-printed inscriptions.
  • The prices don't include the V.A.T. (value added tax).
  • The prices are paid at the current rate of exchange of the Banca Nationala , in lei.
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