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Its size is similar to the traditional call-cards. It is made up of two parts:
  • the painted side, which is similar to the traditional call-card: it contains the emblem of the firm, the name of the owner of the call-card, the way he can be contacted;
The painted side of digital call-card
On the other side you can find the digital data
  • Memory capacity 30 Mb;
  • The written data can not be cleaned out, the content can be enlarged;
  • Traditional computer CD-ROM-players can read the call-card.
The backside of digital call-card
We can write the following:

  • written documentation (several thousands pages)
  • pictures (*.jpg dormat of postcard size with 300 dpi resolution, about 1000 pieces)
  • sound (*.mp3 format, about 40 minutes)
  • video recording (mpeg format, about 5 minutes)
It also contain:
  • the home page of firms, several hundreds of colored product catalogues, price lists, displays;
  • samples of singer's and band's recordings;
  • the display of painter's and and sculptor's works.

[Call-cards] [Prices] [Digital call-cards] [Making call-cards]